A posture classifier that blurs out Youtube videos if users don’t sit straight


I built this project as an experiment to understand designing what using the body as input means and way to design for apps where this is applicable. Below is the case study of designing it.

You can check the web app here.

A tool that reminds you when you are touching your face

Quick Summary

I built Don’t touch my face to alert myself when I am touching my face. As the project expanded I opened it out for others. Below is the case study of the design process.

You can check the web app here.

By Atharva, Amy & Xiran

Final design proposals on train stops.


In fall 2018 took a class on the Design thinking and research methodologies. We discussed different methodologies such as lego serious play, 5 whys? & googles design sprint. As part of the 7 week class we learned different research techniques & simultaneously worked on our capstone project for the class.

The choice of topic for class for the L-train shutdown to repair the damaged Canarsie tunnel connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn in New York. The L-Train helps over 400,000 travellers cross the east river to get to work on the other side of the river. …

Creating music by movements(p5.js + poseNet)

Screengrab from final presentation

As part of my course Introduction to Computational media class at ITP I had to build a playful application using Javascript(probably using the p5.js library). I built my final project using a combination of p5.js javascript library and ml5’s pose estimator library(poseNet).


As part of the 14 week class I learned about the different types of elements which make up the beautiful websites we love, how they work and how to build some by myself. …


I worked as a product designer at MagicX where we built chatbots for e-commerce applications. We had our own mobile app, but we didn’t build any frameworks of our own. We curated different partners & integrated their services into our app. Having multiple partners meant having multiple payment gateways. Adding to the complexity of a completely new paradigm for users. Payments via chat.

We were targeting the blue collar demographic who had been taken by a storm of cheap smartphones & chat apps such as Whatsapp, hike, etc. …

I am a UX designer at MagicX & have been designing bots for the past 10 months. One of my very first designs at MagicX was to design the payments flow. The payments flow has been evolving over the past 10 months. Here is a retrospective account of how the payment process has evolved over the past year.


Payments over chat had never been done before and was a completely new paradigm.

We were using Instamojo to power payments. It provided the users option to pay either via Debit/Credit cards or via Netbanking. The first attempt designing payments at the…

R2D2 conversing with BB8 for the first time.

Facebook recently launched their bot platform where people can chat with bots. The platform offers people to read and discover news, get weather updates and even play chess inside their messenger application. A single Facebook conversation with a bot will let you accomplish a single task which has no relation with any other bots in the ecosystem. When you enter a conversation with a news bot you ask it about todays headlines and not about the traffic conditions on your way to work. The problem arises when you have multiple bots inside the same chat. Instead of a single focused…

Last month I completed a year as a UX designer at Cubeit.io, a startup in Bangalore. My journey began as a young Mechanical Engineering Graduate who knew bits and pieces of Photoshop and had designed poster and flyers for college events.

With high hopes from the blissful unknown of a startup's journey I started my journey as a designer, and a year later here I am a little wiser than I was a year ago.

I learnt a few things over the year which have helped me become a better designer than I was a year ago…

With hundreds of music services out there is anyone thinking of the users?

Music is (without a shadow of a doubt) an integral part of our daily lives. Be it humming to “I will walk 500 miles” on a roadtrip, headbanging to “Back in Black” at an AC/DC concert or being lost in the melody of Hedwig’s theme while enjoying a Harry Potter movie. Music holds a social and cultural identity in our daily lives.

The history of music and music aficionados has been long and diverse. …

Originally written for cubeit.io

In the late 2000s, almost 15 years after Hotmail changed the way we communicate, people started to finally understand that the tons of email they received was hampering their productivity. Enter the concept of Inbox Zero, and a clique of people started trying to re-imagine email. With hundred of emails piling up in our inboxes the clutter of information had risen, and where there is a problem, there is a startup trying to solve it. …

Atharva Patil

Product designer currently bringing AI to the interface at Atlas AI. Interested in the intersection of design, AI, & society.

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