Creating music by movements(p5.js + poseNet)

As part of my course Introduction to Computational media class at ITP I had to build a playful application using Javascript(probably using the p5.js library). I built my final project using a combination of p5.js javascript library and ml5’s pose estimator library(poseNet).


As part of the 14 week class I…


I worked as a product designer at MagicX where we built chatbots for e-commerce applications. We had our own mobile app, but we didn’t build any frameworks of our own. We curated different partners & integrated their services into our app. Having multiple partners meant having multiple payment gateways. Adding…

R2D2 conversing with BB8 for the first time.

Facebook recently launched their bot platform where people can chat with bots. The platform offers people to read and discover news, get weather updates and even play chess inside their messenger application. A single Facebook conversation with a bot will let you accomplish a single task which has no relation…

Atharva Patil

Product designer currently bringing AI to the interface at Atlas AI.

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